Born in New York, designed in Florence, handmade in Barcelona.

A unique and luxurious eyewear collection inspired by New York City’s storied cultural, architectural and literary enclaves. Each design is conceptualized in SoHo, then sketched in Florence, Italy, where prototypes and samples are edited and refined. Once perfect, the specifications are sent to craftsmen in Barcelona, Spain where each pair is meticulously handmade like the fine binding on a leather-bound book.

Behind every frame is a unique narrative that methodically informs every decision during the design process, successfully translating olfactory art into optical perception.

Our timeless designs are the accumulation of over 350 unique steps, executed over the course of 12 months for each individual frame. Manufactured by select artisans and master craftsmen, it is the combination of skills and acute attention to detail that enable MiN New York to create and produce the world’s finest optical anthology.

Beautifully functional design. Rugged and refined construction. Precision fit.