MiN New York Eyewear Chad Murawczyk


Born in New York City, made in Italy.

MiN New York is a Sensory Atelier that uses the senses as vehicles to surface authentic experiences. We believe in the art of craft as magic, design without compromise, and that a better product created with deliberate intention will enrich one’s life.

As the first ever convergence of niche fragrance with luxury eyewear, MiN NEW YORK utilized its SCENT STORIES fragrances as the DNA for the creation of corresponding sunglass and optical frames. Behind every frame is a unique story that methodically informed each decision during the design process, to successfully translate olfactory art into a physical object. Each Scent Story was created to shed light on the human experience; and now, through the personal lenses we have created, we reveal to ourselves what was previously unknown.

Each pair is hand-crafted of the finest materials, and is made of meticulously hewn components. Our artisans translate practiced skill into each and every facet of our frames. As a result, our design and production philosophy mirrors the diligent thoughtfulness in the creation of our Scent Stories. Our resulting eyewear epitomizes the beautiful confluence of the premier level of artisan eyewear production capabilities in Italy; where decades of craftsmanship meets technological innovation. What culminates is eyewear of the absolute highest standard.

Materials/Components: Italian hardware, aged Italian acetate, rare woods and Barberini crystal lenses.